Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Well..I just feel a bit loss after getting everything done in this project..I talked more,learnt more and required myself more in these past 11 weeks..I was feeling very well when I made myself caught up with others as I was quite behind at the beginning.By doing this project I found that things always can be done better if I really push myself into them,when you looked back to your pay out and the progress you have made,you will totally forgot how tired you were.Just want to say thank you to Lizz,you are so responsible to each of us,I guess you have done a lot more work than any of us in this project.I found that looking at other people's work via their blogs is very helpful to me as sometimes I found difficult to understand the brief.Also want to say thank you to those of you who helped me on the way of this project,explaining what we needed to do,showing me what they have done...I will keep all these in mind as they are such nice memories in my career of studying abroad.However,I can also find my weaknesses by comparing with other people's work in this project,including poor time management,less explorations of using different softwares ect..oh,of course including my poor English speaking and spelling..I know these are the drawbacks stopping me to reach a higher level.I will really think of this and do someting to change this situation.. Alright..need to go to bed now,can't wait to hand in my finals and have a nice long sleep after all.Good night : )

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