Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Final Portfolio Pages

Finally I finished all the portfolio pages and here they are...I edited my dps and advert design based on the feed backs I have got,including correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.Due to some of the backgrounds of my design are white and grey,so that means I can't use those two colours as the background colour of my portfolio pages..I have tried a lot different colours and finally I chose a light pink to suit three of my designed images,and I think all the edges can be seen clearly in a pink background.But I still need to check out if it works well when I actually print them out.

Logo,Business Card & Letterhead Design

Illustration Design of Media City UK

Advertising Design for Abakhan

Double Page Spread Design (Manchester Chinatown)

Double Page Spread Design (Manchester Countryside)

Well...I have changed my mind..I don't think the pink frames are suitable in portfolio pages as they don't look professional and the pink might not stand out if I do some red or pink design in the future.So I set my porfolio pages in white and added a black frame for my images.I think they look tidy and great in this way.

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