Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Well..I just feel a bit loss after getting everything done in this project..I talked more,learnt more and required myself more in these past 11 weeks..I was feeling very well when I made myself caught up with others as I was quite behind at the beginning.By doing this project I found that things always can be done better if I really push myself into them,when you looked back to your pay out and the progress you have made,you will totally forgot how tired you were.Just want to say thank you to Lizz,you are so responsible to each of us,I guess you have done a lot more work than any of us in this project.I found that looking at other people's work via their blogs is very helpful to me as sometimes I found difficult to understand the brief.Also want to say thank you to those of you who helped me on the way of this project,explaining what we needed to do,showing me what they have done...I will keep all these in mind as they are such nice memories in my career of studying abroad.However,I can also find my weaknesses by comparing with other people's work in this project,including poor time management,less explorations of using different softwares ect..oh,of course including my poor English speaking and spelling..I know these are the drawbacks stopping me to reach a higher level.I will really think of this and do someting to change this situation.. Alright..need to go to bed now,can't wait to hand in my finals and have a nice long sleep after all.Good night : )

Final Portfolio Pages

Finally I finished all the portfolio pages and here they are...I edited my dps and advert design based on the feed backs I have got,including correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.Due to some of the backgrounds of my design are white and grey,so that means I can't use those two colours as the background colour of my portfolio pages..I have tried a lot different colours and finally I chose a light pink to suit three of my designed images,and I think all the edges can be seen clearly in a pink background.But I still need to check out if it works well when I actually print them out.

Logo,Business Card & Letterhead Design

Illustration Design of Media City UK

Advertising Design for Abakhan

Double Page Spread Design (Manchester Chinatown)

Double Page Spread Design (Manchester Countryside)

Well...I have changed my mind..I don't think the pink frames are suitable in portfolio pages as they don't look professional and the pink might not stand out if I do some red or pink design in the future.So I set my porfolio pages in white and added a black frame for my images.I think they look tidy and great in this way.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Final Illustration Design of Media City UK

I should have this done ages ago but there are always something need to be it is! My final illustration design of Media City.In general I was happy with the result as this effect is exactly what I want,and it is presenting a message which is : Media City can be created by your hands.I think the idea of cat's cradle works very well in this design,and it is also accord with the concept I wanted to present before: showing people the strength of their hands.However,there are still some defects I can find in this design,such as the knitting lines of media city are not connected well,and there are some small gaps I can see between the red strings and my fingers.

Developments of Media City Illustration

This is the illustration design I did 3 weeks ago.Although it is showing the idea of combining elements of Media City with cat's cradle,the design itself doesn't look professional because of the rough background.I decided to keep the knitting lines and the photographs of my hands and redesign a background for them.

Firstly I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the whole image to get rid of the background.

After that I wanted to experiment with some lighting effects in Photoshop and see what effects I can get. 

Among the experiments I have done I was particular interested in this ringed light shadows. 

I changed the light effects to metal colour as it looks modern and it also presents the atmosphere of future developments of Media City UK.

    After that I painted some colourful dots to fill the background,most of the dots are light blue as I think this colour fits the frame colour.

More dots added

what I was thinking tonight.

"Love you do,do what you love".
I always envy the people who can actually make it.It seems that they had so much fun while working and living in their world..
I was totally tired and fed up with all the project work this week..I just hate getting everything done at the last minute.Why things are always getting bored when I spent too much time on them?? I really need to find out a way to change this,to change my attitude.

This is a tumblr address of an interior designer who I think  is totally enthusiastic about her design,her career and her life.I can see passions through her sketches,photography and details of everday life.Hope I will live a life which I have been looking forward to and be happier than now. What to say a lot more..but found hard to explain in English..such a shame...

Monday, 6 December 2010

some work I did but not use for this project

I made a wrong choice on the advert design before which was adverted for a baby photographer.After talked to Lizz I found that I was mistaken on the target audience.Although I made a wrong desicion,I still did a design for Jolie Anne's photographic studio by using her babies photography.I made a combination of her sleeping babies..I think I will keep working on it as those innocent faces really really appeal to me..