Tuesday, 7 December 2010

what I was thinking tonight.

"Love you do,do what you love".
I always envy the people who can actually make it.It seems that they had so much fun while working and living in their world..
I was totally tired and fed up with all the project work this week..I just hate getting everything done at the last minute.Why things are always getting bored when I spent too much time on them?? I really need to find out a way to change this,to change my attitude.


This is a tumblr address of an interior designer who I think  is totally enthusiastic about her design,her career and her life.I can see passions through her sketches,photography and details of everday life.Hope I will live a life which I have been looking forward to and be happier than now. What to say a lot more..but found hard to explain in English..such a shame...

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