Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Musical Albums of Joanna Wang

Start from here

The voice of Joanna Wang arrives to warm up the spirits of music lovers in the winter season. Wang has been gifted with unique jazz vocals that have earned her applause since her early teens. Now 18 years of age, she enters the music scene with her first full-length English album. Start From Here features 12 tracks including renditions of classics like Spandau Ballet's TRUE and Billy Joel's New York State of Mind. Also included on this release is I Love You, Joanna's take on David Tao's popular ballad "Love is Simple".
This edition comes with a second CD of Chinese songs.  

Disc 1 English  

01. Let's start from here 
02. Lost in Paradise 
03. As Love Begins to Mend 
04. Bada Bada 
05. Lost Taipei 
06. The Best Mistake I've Ever Made 
07. I Love You (OT: Love is Simple, 爱很简单) 
08. For No Reason 
09. Stages of Flying 
10. Now 
11. TRUE 
12. New York State of Mind 

Disc 2 Chinese 

01. Maze, 迷宫(OT: Let's Start from Here) 
02. The Happiness with You, 有你的快乐(OT: Lost in Paradise) 
03. Now (OT: Now) 
04. Because You Loved Me, 因为你爱我(OT: As Love Begins to Mend) 
05. For No Reason(OT: For No Reason)

Joanna & Ruolin Wang 

Joanna & Ruolin Wang is the second album by Joanna Wang. It comprises two parts: the first, also titled 'Joanna & 王若琳', is referred to exclusively in this article; the second is The Adult Storybook.
The album's title includes Wang's English and Chinese names, thereby reflecting the duality of the singer and the songwriter.[1] The first disc displays the performer and includes covers of works by other artists. Conversely, the second disc emphasizes the creative Wang, as every song on it was written by her. Although her father,producer Ji-ping "Bing" Wang (王治平), was involved in the album's production, Wang was given more freedom, enabling her to fully express herself through her music.

The Adult Story Book 

The Adult Story Book, released under the epithet New Tokyo Terror, is one part of Joanna Wang’s second album, the whole being titled Joanna & Ruolin Wang, published by Sony Music Taiwan. The album’s name, Joanna & Ruolin Wang, refers to two Joanna Wang’s, hence the two discs. One displays the creative Joanna Wang who writes her own songs. On the other hand there is the performer Joanna Wang who performs or covers works of other artists.  Art graphic by Joanna Wang & S.M. Cumberworth. Set in IM Fell English.

The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy
 Joanna Wang returns after two and a half years with glee to present her original album "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy" which took one year to finish. During her two and a half years of studying in the U.S., Joanna accumulated a lot of creative inspiration. The new album, which contains black comedy in its storyline recreates the sound of electronic music in the late 60s to 70s, which combines analogue synthesizers and Baroque counterpoint arrangements. The illustration of the album cover of "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy" is drawn by the well-known British fantasy illustrator known for his "etched gothic style." Ian Miller is one of the most prolific illustrators in the 20th century; he even participates in pre production work on films including "Shrek."

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