Monday, 8 November 2010


  I came across with some brilliant and creative illustrations on line and I was strongly inspired by them.Those designers created their interesting illustrations by using some daily metarials such as torchs,petals,eggs,water,fire,wood and so on.The reason why they are really appealed to me is that most people can see these normal objects or materials everyday but they can be very interesting,eye-catching and meaningful once you look at them from a different angle.

" The world is not the lack of the United States, but the lack of eyes found in the United States".

  I am trying to design a illustration piece which can make people think: "oh,it can be presented in this makes things so different ! " So I think that the key of my design has to be creative.

I am quite interested in this flashlighting drawing as it created a contrast by the bright light and dark background.As people know light comes and goes quickly,but they can be still by using photographic or digital skills.
Make the light stay forever!And I think this is creative!

                                                                       Gaint white out.     

Nose on the cup?

Miss Petal~

Cloudy cow

 Water candlelight

Fire rose

Marshmellow smokes

Egg Yin & Yang

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  1. Thanks for sharing you have found some really cool images here, I have done some light drawing and it's really good fun and so easy to do, here are some of the images I made with my housemates